Analogue PLC Trainer.                                Digital PLC Trainer

The PLC trainers are designed for use with manufacturer’s PLC programming software and also our AutomGen Programming and simulation packages.  It comprises a compact PLC whose inputs and outputs are connected to switches and connectors which may be used in conjunction with our Hydraulic and Pneumatic Training systems.



We have developed a series of kits and support material specifically aimed at the SEMTA Performing Engineering Operations Unit 24 (OER/224). The Teachware covers the five key areas within the unit namely:


ü      Obtaining Information

ü      Installation

ü      Connecting

ü      Programming

ü      Testing

We offer 2 basic kits with a choice of PLC to suit local industry. The supporting material and Teachware include assignments that cover different specification and programming techniques. Topics covered include safety, design specifications, test plans and quality standards. All of the equipment is industry standard and all of the methodologies also relate to current industrial practises. The use of drawing tools, spreadsheets, word processing and Internet searches add a layer of key skills training to the package.We are also able to offer an advanced kit that includes specialist controls and a variety of communication levels.


Key Benefits

  • Standard Industrial Technology
  • Robust Construction
  • Multiple Uses
  • Complete Teaching package related to curriculum


Last modified: 23rd Jan 2017